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From Gaƫtan Robet <>
Subject jspC
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:00:36 GMT
I just want to precompile jsp files with duplicate name files.
For example, I have two files named:
When I use a code like this (using Ant):
 <target name="jspCC">
  <mkdir dir="${}"/>
  <mkdir dir="${jsp.class}"/>
    <java taskname="jasper"
      fork="true" failonerror="true"
      <arg value="-v4" />
      <arg value="-dd" />
      <arg value="jsp_java" />
      <arg value="-die" />
      <arg value="-webapp" />
      <arg value="docroot" />
    <javac srcdir="jsp_java" destdir="jsp_class" debug="false"
deprecation="false" optimize = "false" includes="**/*.java">
      <classpath refid="myClasspath" />
then I have a compilation error like this:
    [javac] D:\docroot\ duplicate c
lass: org.apache.jsp.hello_jsp
    [javac] public class hello_jsp extends HttpJspBase {
How can I avoid this?

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