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From "Madere, Colin" <>
Subject RE: mod_jk build problems
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 16:53:10 GMT
Damn I hate using Outlook (my apologies for formatting stupidity as I have
no choice but to use Outlook at work).

> ild problems
>  >
>  > Madere, Colin wrote:
>  >
>  > > The docs at
>  >
>  > > dont' quite seem to cover everything (you know what I mean).
> You should know that the up to date jk/jk2 documentation is not in
> (it's 
> only a snap) but in :
> or
	Well, when I browse to the jakarta site, click on Tomcat, click on
Tomcat 4.1 and click on the connector HOW-TO, I would expect it to take me
to documentation that is in sync with the source code I download as the
latest release.  I'm not sure how I would come across the URL you listed
above when the normal documentation browsing method takes me to the one I
referenced.  However, after two weeks of posting on this problem, it is the
first I hear of the URL you posted.

> We works hard in JK/JK2 to provide up to date documentation and to 
> include users feedback.
> And to be able to include such feedback, we need POSITIVE returns,
> including bug/fixes and experiences on the various operating systems.
	I don't doubt you guys are doing plenty of work, but if this is the
first I hear from someone on the project about these issues.  Also, I have
to be sure I'm not the idiot posting problems with the build when they are
actually problems with my OS.  I don't know Solaris well enough to be sure
it's not library/compiler/linker goofiness on Solaris 7.  You must also give
credit to my unhappiness with the documentation simply on the fact that
someone outside the jakarta group is writing build docs (implying that the
existing in-project docs are insufficient for many people).

>  >
>  > I faced the same behaviour. I went to the directory
>  > jk/native/apache-2.0/ and found a target "" in Makefile.
>  > So just type "make" and you'll get it.
>  >
>  > But yes, it is a bug, and it should be reported.
> My usual question will be give more informations about :
> operating system, compilers/linkers/libtool used, apache webserver 
> version....
	I believe I put that in the original post, but maybe that was
another thread I started due to lack of response on this one (until the last
few days).  Regardless, here you go:

	Solaris 7 (x86) with all suggested patches (intent to move to SPARC
once build process is working)
	gcc 3.2
	Solaris Linker 5.7-1.277 (hadn't posted this before, build scripts
seem ok with using non-gnu linker)
	GNU make 3.80
	libtool 1.4.3
	automake 1.7.1
	GNU m4 1.4
	autoconf 2.54
	apache 2.0.43
	perl 5.8.0  (required by other build tools)

	Everything listed has been compiled and installed locally with the
exception of the linker and the OS.

> And as allways in ASF/OSS spirit, suggestions, bug fixes, documentations
> updates are welcomed and much more profitable to community that just 
> negative opinion like "dont' quite seem to cover everything (you know 
> what I mean)".
	First, you are reading too much into that statement.. I didn't feel
the need to go into detail since it seemed common knowledge that the docs
were unfinished and incomplete at that location (you yourself have admitted
as much).  

	Second, it's not an opinion, it is a fact that the docs at the URL
you get to by normally browsing the Jakarta site are inadequate and
incomplete (has empty sections last time I looked).  See above mention of an
individual building docs.  If you haven't seen the external JK build doc URL
posted, search the archives.

	Thirdly, I spent a reasonable amount of time digging through the JK
docs and Tomcat area of the Jakarta site looking for a way to contact the JK
folks at least for the build error about "libtool" having to be copied into
the "common" directory but found nothing.  Therefore I mentioned it in at
least one post here on this least since I assumed there was no other place
to submit this data.  I was then going to post it to Bug/IssueZilla once I
found that for this project, but wanted to get a complete solution with all
my problems (and to be sure they were mine) before I did so so I wouldn't
get an email similar to what you sent above or with a tone of "you're an
idiot, this is not our problem".

	So, would you prefer I submit every little stumbling block when I'm
not sure what system is the problem (and wait for you folks to sift through
the many submissions and get to mine each in turn) or would you rather I
vent a little on the mailing list after I've hit "problem #10", get it all
fixed, and submit you a nice clean report which saves you time and gets me
running quicker?

	Hopefully now you understand my posts a bit better.

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