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From Steinar Bang>
Subject tomcat version numbering (Was: HttpServletRequest.isSecure() fails...)
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:48:57 GMT
>>>>> Steinar Bang <>:

>>>>> Steinar Bang <>:

>> Do the 4.1.13 and 4.1.14 versions you refer to, exist as separate
>> branches in the CVS?  Or is 4.1.13 a branch, and 4.1.14-to-be HEAD?

> Not sure if they are branch tags, but there are tags named
> TOMCAT_4_1_13 and TOMCAT_4_1_14.

If one looks at the distribution directory of tomcat, it is easy to
get confused.  It contains the directories:
 v4.0.5/                     09-Oct-2002 07:28    -  
 v4.0.6/                     08-Oct-2002 08:27    -  
 v4.1.12/                    02-Oct-2002 03:01    -  
 v4.1.15-alpha/              14-Nov-2002 00:48    - 

Ie. there's a 4.1.12, no 4.1.13, or 4.1.14, but instead a 4.1.15 that
is marked alpha.  The immediate question is: is this an alpha of a
final 4.1.15 release?  Or is 4.1.15 an alpha release of the final
version of 4.1.x?

A bit of googling found me

And I guess the answer is sort of the first one, and sort of the last
one.  Ie. if 4.1.15-alpha turns out to be a stable release, the
"-alpha" will be yanked from the version number, and 4.1.15 will
become a production release.

However, if 4.1.15 isn't found good enough, it will be completely
yanked from the distribution directory, and consigned to the scrapheap
of history.  And then a new version 4.1.16-alpha will be announced.

I'm still a little confused, but I guess that whatever 4.1.x with
x>=14 is finally released, will have a working
HttpServletRequest.isSecure() when using the Coyote Ajp1.3 connector.

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