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From "Turner, John" <>
Subject System user accounts required to use manager in 4.1.12?
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 14:41:56 GMT

Hello -

I've setup 4.1.12 on Solaris 8.  

I've given access to the manager app to my users.  They are all using the
same user account and password in tomcat-users.xml for now, though that will
change once I get more experience using the security roles system.

Do my users need system-level user accounts in order to use the Tomcat
manager app?  Do WAR files need to be copied to the server prior to trying
to deploy them using the Manager app?    I'm trying to use a Manager URL
like this to install a WAR file:

This returns an error message that says:

"FAIL - Encountered exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Doc base must point to a WAR file"

I've got a whole bunch of Microsoft VB coders learning JSP and Java, and I'd
really like to avoid having to set all of them up as users on my server, and
teach them about command lines, FTP, etc.  It was my understanding that they
would be able to use the Manager app to deploy their WAR files as needed via
a web browser.  Is this not the case?

Assume this scenario:

- they should be able to access their apps on
- they should be able to use the Manager app to deploy as needed
- their application WAR files exist on Windows 2000 Pro machines

That said, can someone provide me with an example of how to deploy
someApp.war from a Windows 2000 machine to a Tomcat server using only the
Manager app?  Can this even be done?

Specifically, I would like to know, for the scenario above, how I would fill
in the three text boxes on the page at which are labeled "Path",
"Config URL", and "WAR URL".  As it stands right now, I would think it would

Path = /someApp
Config URL = I have no idea
WAR URL = C:\some\path\to\war\file\on\Win2K

Any help is appreciated...and I guarantee the docs will get updated once I
figure this out, as they haven't helped me any so far!

- John

John Turner | 248-488-3466
Advertising Audit Service

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