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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject RE: mod_jk build problems
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 11:25:33 GMT
 > -----Original Message-----
 > From:	Veniamin Fichin []
 > Sent:	Friday, November 01, 2002 10:27 AM
 > To:	Tomcat Users List
 > Subject:	Re: mod_jk build problems
 > Madere, Colin wrote:
 > > The docs at
 > > dont' quite seem to cover everything (you know what I mean).

You should know that the up to date jk/jk2 documentation is not in (it's 
only a snap) but in :

We works hard in JK/JK2 to provide up to date documentation and to 
include users feedback.

And to be able to include such feedback, we need POSITIVE returns,
including bug/fixes and experiences on the various operating systems.

 >I build
 > with
 > > the "--enable-jni" since it is suggested for Apache 2.0 and I get a
 > > "" but I don't get a "" as the documentation
 > suggests.
 > > Is it correct behavior that a "" NOT get built when using that
 > > build option?  If so, would help if that was noted in docs.
 > I faced the same behaviour. I went to the directory
 > jk/native/apache-2.0/ and found a target "" in Makefile.
 > So just type "make" and you'll get it.
 > But yes, it is a bug, and it should be reported.

My usual question will be give more informations about :

operating system, compilers/linkers/libtool used, apache webserver 

And as allways in ASF/OSS spirit, suggestions, bug fixes, documentations
updates are welcomed and much more profitable to community that just 
negative opinion like "dont' quite seem to cover everything (you know 
what I mean)".


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