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From <>
Subject Re: A simple doubt
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 09:03:21 GMT
Hi Raphael,

>This message is very clear, but how I'm a beginner, I'll posting this problem 
>you help me. Please, just response me: How can I configure a CONTEXT to it. When 
>I install Tomcat alone, I don't receive this error, but when I install 
>integrated with JBOSS, i get this error. Please, if you can help me, please send 
>me the solution.

When running under JBOSS, TomCat ignores its own configuration files and
expects to have webapps deployed for it by JBOSS. There are threads on the
JBOSS website explaining how to do this, but essentially you need to make
a WAR containing your webapp and all its support (especially web.xml)
and include that in an EAR, along with an application.xml which names the
.war file, and drop the latter in JBOSS' deploy directory. JBOSS will 
deploy the EAR and send the WAR it contains to TomCat which will deploy it
in a temporary directory named after the EAR file. 

Using the information on the JBOSS website I was able to automate this
with ant, so that I can compile my code, build a WAR and EAR, and deploy
the latter with just two commands. The nice part about all of this is
that if there is already a webapp by this name running when you drop the
EAR in JBOSS' deploy directory, it is undeployed before the new one is
opened and deployed, so there is no need to stop TomCat, remove the
deployed WAR and restart with the new one. It's hard work getting it all
set up, but really easy to use once you succeed.

I got my ant build.xml and example application.xml from a post on the
JBOSS website - I think they came from a Sun example application somewhere -
and hacked them to work with my code and libraries.



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