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From "pkrishnaswami" <>
Subject Not able access resources
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 20:40:03 GMT
I am new to Tomcat; I  installed a web application consisting of
Servlets/JSPs. The Servlet accesses the database directly by loading a
database driver. Everything works fine in this architecture.

 I then modified the Servlet so that it looked up the database through JNDI.
I understand that Server.xml and Web.xml needs to have appropriate entries
to enable the servlet to successfully get a connection. I used the admin
tool to configure the database; after configuration, I noticed that the
following changes were made to the server.xml.

    <ResourceParams name="jdbc/Questions">
      <parameter><name>password</name><value> </value></parameter>



I added the following additional entry to the web.xml:

  <description>Questions Database</description>


I am using ant build and ant install to install the application. Now if I
try to access the same resource, I get the following error:
Status report
message /AdminApp/jsp/menu.jsp
description The requested resource (/AdminApp/jsp/menu.jsp) is not available

Can somebody help me out?

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