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From Malachi de AElfweald <>
Subject Re: AW: HOWTO for Apache 2.0.43 and Tomcat 4.1.12 using mod_jk2
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 22:02:01 GMT
yeah, I just tried the jk/native2/configure script... it detected BSD ok,
and the linux JVM....  died at first on ltconfig saying that you had to specify
a hostname with --no-verify.  I put $ac_hostname after the --no-verify in the
configure script, and ltconfig said that didn't exist.
So, I tried taking --no-verify out... still fails on the hostname... ripped that
back out...

then it gets down to:
no apxs given
no apxs2 given
checking...tomcat33... not provided
checking...tomcat40... not provided
checking...tomcat41... not provided
checking JDK...
checking Java platform...
os_type... linux
configure:error: Cannot find any WebServer

Very confusing...  So, I can build the normally with ant...
but that file doesn't work with Apache2... and can't seem to make it by hand...


10/5/2002 1:47:21 PM, "Michael Riess" <> wrote:

>Sorry, of course it's "LoadModule" not "AddModule" ... I did it on RedHat
>Linux 7.2, which might explain your pthread problem. Unfortunately I don't
>have any experience with FreeBSD. maybe you should try going to the
>jk/native2 directory and use -> configure -> make ... but that
>didn't seem to work for me, could be a libtool problem.
>It's really sad to see that the apache & tomcat developers are devoting so
>little attention to mod_jk/mod_jk2, reminds me of the time before mod_ssl
>was "built into" apache (IMO all closely dependent modules should be
>integrated into apache, as they need to be modified with every apache
>version). It was exactly the same situation, even most developers didn't
>know which combination was stable.
>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Malachi de AElfweald []
>Gesendet: Samstag, 5. Oktober 2002 21:33
>An: Tomcat Users List
>Betreff: Re: HOWTO for Apache 2.0.43 and Tomcat 4.1.12 using mod_jk2
>I did step 1, and even went into the jk directory and did "ant native" as
>well (per the jk/README.txt)
>just in case...
>I did step 2...
>Step 3 will not work on Apache2 according to the Apache2 documentation
> :
>"The AddModule and ClearModuleList directives no longer exist. "
>As such, I did LoadModule, but that fails...
>What OS are you running? I think that is part of my problem.
>I am running FreeBSD. It said it couldn't find pthread_mutex_unlock --
>so I tried installing pthread support... no luck...
>Looking closer, I see that jk/native2/common/jk_mutex_thread.c is talking
>about pthreads... and it says that it is a wrapper for apr....  Which is
>probably where the problem comes from since the for the jk
>directory was a pain to figure out, due to the fact that apache2 on FreeBSD
>has files in /usr/local/lib/apache2, /usr/local/libexec/apache2,
>/usr/local/www....  I tried to fix the to match the actual
>but maybe the build isn't good enough to handle it...  the apr files are in
>same directories listed there, and I modified the to
>reflect that.
>** So perhaps someone can tell me how to correctly build the "jk" directory
>on FreeBSD?
>But, in regards to your comment -- I completely agree... Try setting up jk2
>jni and find out how many examples are out there... NONE that I could find
>on google.
>So, it is all guesswork since the documentation isn't really all there.
>10/5/2002 12:07:32 PM, "Michael Riess" <> wrote:
>>Helped myself ... used mod_jk2 for 2.0.42 for Apache 2.0.43 and it didn't
>>work, so I built myself. For anyone trying to use Tomcat with
>>Apache 2.0 I suggest the following way for fast results:
>>1. Obtain the source for jakarta-tomcat-connectors. try building the whole
>>thing using ant until it's done or you see libtool complaining about
>>2. In jk/build/Apache2 you should find the file, copy that to
>>your Apache installation module directory
>>3. Add "AddModule jk2_module modules/" to your httpd.conf
>>4. in your tomcat 4.1.12 (or similar) installation, edit the
>>conf/ to contain the following:
>>5. create in the APACHE conf directory, containing:
>>Done! I didn't get the unix socket communication to work, but I guess that
>>I've already achieved more than many desperate newbies trying to use Tomcat
>>with Apache.
>>Good luck to all of you! If anyone reading this knows a bettewr procedure,
>>I'd be glad to give it a try.
>>P.S.: To any developer: Don't you think it's a shame that users like me
>>to do these things, compiling, ignoring errors, adapting config files until
>>it seems to work? I mean, you keep cleaning up code, easing configuration,
>>and the most important things (for instance getting it to work with THE
>>standard web server) remain a mystery for 85% of all potential tomcat users
>>(I estimate)? IMO you should get the Apache developers to include mod_jk2
>>a standard module, if you don't have the time to maintain it properly. It
>>seems to depend more on the Apache source than on tomcat.
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