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From Malachi de AElfweald <>
Subject Re: RE: RE: JK2 Installation
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 20:30:07 GMT
I'm sorry if that seemed a bit harsh -- it was not meant to be.  I had just read
a LOT of emails from you, and that was how it came across.

Originally, the problem I was having with FreeBSD was that if I tried to LoadModule
the, it said that pthread_mutex_unlock was unknown.  I did a lot of
investigation, and came to the conclusion that '-pthread' had to be added to the
CC flags.  In doing so, I have, as of yet, not been able to build anymore.
Not sure why. Can't figure it out.

Regarding the example you've shown.  I have seen that one repeatedly, and it only
applies to sockets. It does not apply to using the inprocess JNI, which I am trying
to use because Tomcat is REALLY slow, even locally on the LAN. That is supposed to
speed it up..... but, there is no example of configuring for it...

I might have to subscribe to the dev list.  I haven't, because I don't have the time
to spend on it...  I had previously been actively on the Ant development list, and it
was very time consuming.  I don't have that kind of time right now.  I know, in theory,
that it is supposed to be possible -- I just haven't figured out how yet.  Perhaps
I will join -dev so someone can tell me.

I didn't realize that page was the Goal.  I downloaded Tomcat, went to the online docs,
and started following directions.  I can get it to work standalone now, but have it shut
down because it is just too slow.  When I found the "why to use JK2", I thought it was more
like saying "Why use JDK1.4 over JDK1.02"....

Thanks for your reply, hopefully I will be able to figure this out.

10/7/2002 1:20:19 PM, "Turner, John" <> wrote:

>OK, let's be honest if we're going to post.  I certainly did not say "JK2 is
>in beta, not to be trusted, use something else, read the list, don't
>complain about the documentation, etc etc"
>I _did_ say JK2 is "beta".  That has different meanings to different people.
>I'm primarily a sys-admin in charge of production servers.  If someone (that
>someone being from the dev or release team) posts that JK2 should be
>considered "beta", that means "not fit for production yet, but probably OK
>for development if you don't mind a few bugs".  That's me.  To others,
>"beta" may mean something entirely different.  To each, his/her own, make
>your own decisions.
>JServ and JK have been working great for me, on high-traffic,
>resource-intensive, production sites.  I see no reason to jump on the JK2
>bandwagon until the codebase is more stable.  Again, that's me, and perhaps
>the latest version (2.0.1) is that codebase, I have no way of knowing
>without testing it myself and seeing what other people do with it.
>Latest/greatest isn't always the wisest.  That said, use whatever you want.
>RE: the documentation, you are welcome to complain.  I only posted the
>replies that I posted in defense of those people on the list who have gone
>above and beyond to contribute to the documentation effort, beyond that of
>the dev team.  These people have spent a lot of time working on their
>documents, and have posted the URLs to the list many times.  Robert Sowders
>has regularly posted a full list of HOWTOs for various platforms and
>versions to supplement the "official" documentation.  These posts can be
>found in a search.  If you want to complain, that's cool, but your
>complaints will get a lot more attention if you contribute to the effort.
>It's your choice.
>Now that we've put my comments and posts back into their correct context,
>let's get back to your questions (inline):
>> From: Malachi de AElfweald []
>> Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 3:57 PM
>> To: Turner, John; Short, Dave; tomcat-list
>> Subject: Re: RE: JK2 Installation
>> 1) I can't figure out how to get mod_jk2 to build on FreeBSD 
>> (using linux-sun-jdk14 and Apache2.0.42 and Tomcat 4.1.12). 
>> In the last 4 days, I 
>> somehow built once,
>> but then it complained about pthreads... I figured out that I 
>> need to add "-pthread"
>> to the CC flags.... but now it won't build the .so files -- 
>> even if it says it does, they
>> aren't there.
>I've deleted your other posts from my InBox because I don't have access to a
>FreeBSD machine at this time, even though I love FreeBSD and think its a
>great OS.  If you want to post the errors again, I will try to help.  Give
>me access to a FreeBSD machine, and I can probably get a build for you, but
>no promises.
>> 2) What is the correct way to use the inprocess-jni?  None of 
>> the examples use that.
>If it's not in the docs, your best option is to subscribe to tomcat-dev, NOT
>tomcat-user, and post your questions there.  JK2 is in active development,
>if you are using a feature that isn't available in the docs, the BEST place
>to ask your question is to ask it where the DEVELOPERS are, and that is
>> 3) What is the correct way to do the when 
>> dealing with Apache VirtualHosts?
>RTFS (read the friendly source).  Others have posted in the past how things
>work for various portions of connectors, including JK, not just JK2, because
>they read the source code.
>That said, it seems pretty self-explanatory to me based on the HOWTOs that
>have been posted, and I don't even use JK2:
># define the worker
># To use the TCP/IP socket instead, just comment out the above
># line, and uncomment the one below
># Announce a "status" worker
># Uri mapping
>Note the places where it says "localhost".  The first place I would start,
>if I was using JK2, would be to replace "localhost" with the FQDN of the
>virtual host, and see what happened.  But that's me.
>> Oh, and by the way, as to John's question about why I am 
>> using JK2... The JK/JK2 documentation
>> states that it is designed for Apache2, might support JDK 1.4 
>> NIO at some point, and is better
>> at JNI -- which I am doing all of those things.
>That's fine, I am not a cop.  It doesn't make a difference to me what you
>use, except that in my opinion, it seems like wasted time and effort banging
>your head trying to figure something out that may not even have a solution
>yet because the guy writing the code hasn't even written it.  The statement
>everyone quotes about "why to use JK2" is a GOAL, not a shipped
>specification's what the developers WANT JK2 to be, not
>necessarily what it is today.   But, it's your time and effort, so bang
>away.  Or, for that matter, jump into the dev effort and write the code if
>you have a need for it quicker than what the rest of the team can produce
>(same goes for docs).
>Have a great day.
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