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Subject Cgis
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 08:06:51 GMT
     Hello everybody, i´m a newbie in tomcat and i could understand hardly
everything, but i have a doubt. How can i make tomcat to serve CGI´s. I´ve
read the HOW TO, but dont get it. I´m using the tomcat server under
Windows, and trying to execute an .exe file compiled and linked under
windows in windows. But when i try to acces it, only opens a dialog box
asking me if i want to execute or download. So, tomcat doesn´t realices
that is a CGi.

     I have changed the .renameto and deleted the comments in the .xml. I
place the CGi in a subfolder called cgi_bin, and put it as the mapping and
the base (that is WEB_INF/cgi at the begining).

     PLEASE, can anybody help me. I know Apache would be a better server,
but its not for serious use, so im trying to do it with Tomcat. THANKS

     please answers to:


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