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From "Robert L Sowders" <>
Subject Re: load balancing with routing with mod_jk in cluster
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 04:02:24 GMT
Please review the following article for relevance.


Alexander Piavka <>
10/23/2002 11:09 AM
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        To:     Tomcat Users List <>
        Subject:        load balancing with routing with mod_jk in cluster

I have lvs cluster of 3 nodes, on each node i have apache1.3 + 
serving identical data. The http service on lvs is configured with 
persistent connection.
So in normal operation i want that apache on each node will route requests
to tomcat on the same node.

 In addition if ,for example, i want to take down tomcat on one node, then
i would like that apache on the same node will start routing requrests to
the other two tomcats on the other nodes. Now if the tomcat comes back
then i would like to continue to route requests only with an old session
to to the other two tomcats.
 How can i enable this with load balancing in mod_jk?
As i understand this can be done with setting local_worker=1 for all
tomcat workers or only for the local tomcat worker.
and how do i tell apache to forward the requests to load balancers
on the other two nodes? How apache knows what there are other two remote
load balancers, i.e should i somehow add them to local
what lbfactor values should i give to the local and remote tomcat workers?

 How can i take down the tomcat cleanly, so that it goes down only
after all old sessions to it end. As i have read in Workers HowTo
this can be done with some special port if i set local_worker_only=1 for
the load balancer worker, but how i switch this port off before shuting
down tomcat? Or the old sessions can be just routed to another
load balancers. If so then how?

 Thanks a lot

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