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From "Kristján Rúnarsson" <>
Subject RE: Upgrading from 3.2.1 to 4.0.6
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:32:58 GMT
First off thanx for the reply!

did you create a 'foo' context in server.xml?

No I just changed the ports in the example file that came with Tomcat 
4.0.6 because the diff  between it and the on for the 3.2.1 server seemd 
too great. I suspect I am getting the server.xml configuration wrong. 

You mention  below that the web.xml file is backwards compatable does that 
hold for the Server.xml file as well? in other words, Can I port the 
Server.xml file from the 3.2.1 server to the 4.0.6 server and only change 
the ports and minor other setting to get the old webapps working on the 
new server? All I really want is to get the webapps from the old server 
running on the new one with minimal changes to the configruation.

you do not want to overwrite /conf/web.xml. you can copy the web.xml from
your webapps along with all your code and it should work since it's
backwards compatible.

So if I copy the webapp and the web.xml file from the 3.2.1 server to the 
new 4.0.6 server they are fully backwards compatable?!? Nice!

are there any errors in the logs?

I tailed the ones in CATALINA_HOME/logs but saw nothing unusual.

Kristjan Runarsson

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