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From "Robert L Sowders" <>
Subject Re: how to Apache2 for JK2 on Linux ???
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2002 00:11:53 GMT
The default files has a uri for jkstatus predefined. 
You can access it at http://localhost:8080/jkstatus then you can try via 
apache at http://localhost/jkstatus

The configuration of jk2 is pretty simple;

You will need a LoadModules line in httpd.conf

You will need to decide if you're going to run Tomcat in-process or not 
and configure and accordingly.  If you 
don't want to run in-process then just comment out the jni lines in 

You will need to decide if you're going to try the channelunix thing or 
not.  Comment or un-comment as needed in 

jk2.prop and workers2.prop are fairly well documented so the only thing 
for you to do to get a working setup is correct the paths and uncomment 
and comment lines in each as necessary.

I run jk2 with pretty good success on windows boxes.  I'll attach the 
configs for them.  Just change them to suit your decisions and paths 


"yoom nguyen" <>
10/18/2002 02:51 PM
Please respond to "Tomcat Users List"

        Subject:        how to Apache2 for JK2 on Linux ???

Does any one have a sample on how to configure JK2 connector 
on apache2 to talk to tomcat?

Or any debugging method to see if JK2 actually working.
I turn logger to debug mode in httpd.conf file.
I am having problems of determine if my apache configuration with JK2 is
correct or not.  Apache doesn't give me error and it doesn't
seems to forward the traffic to Tomcat either.

John, I will respond to your email soon.  I have a death line to get the
connector working.

Thanks, Yoom

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