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From "neal" <>
Subject Servlet error occurs - servlet not available until tomcat restarted
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 21:33:45 GMT
This is rediculous!

Perhaps there's something here that I don't understand but I'm seeing that
if an error occurs on one of my web pages due to user input of data
(presuming that a form is being processed by a servlet), that the servlet is
going to give an error for every user thereafter until I restart the
machine, regardless of whether user input should create an error or not.

Now, obviously I should handle this error better, but I could not think of a
less graceful way of responding to an error, than to take it out on every
single user that attempts to use the servlet thereafter!

Is there some setting that I need to set or something that I need to do, to
get my Servlets NOT to do this?


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