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From Malachi de AElfweald <>
Subject Re: I need to run a servlet periodically
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 10:53:39 GMT
Unless you are just trying to do refresh, in which case you
could use the meta-tags to do auto-refresh and server-push.

If you were trying to do a servlet that managed something
always running, then you would want a daemon that could handle

Please be more clear on the usage.


10/5/2002 3:47:59 AM, Nikola Milutinovic <> wrote:

>Filip Rachunek wrote:
>> Hello,
>> is it possible to have a servlet in Tomcat container
>> which is invoked automatically each gived time period?
>> [e.g. each 10 minutes]  And I would also need this
>> special servlet to access other resources of my web
>> application [connection pool, ...].
>You're making a mistake. A Java Servlet is a Java component that responds to a 
>web request. That's it - nothing more, nothing less, just what it is designed for.
>It is not designed to be a "cron job". Something like that doesn't belong to a 
>web application - or should we say, to the web GUI part of a web application. In 
>a full JEE application which has a web portal (like Tomcat), you would place 
>such a "cron job" somewhere other than a web interface. I'm not sure where, I'm 
>no expert on JEE (yet).
>This was like asking "can CGI script be configured to run at regular 
>intervals?". Of course you could run a cron job that would act as a web client 
>and send a request that would fire up that CGI or Servlet. But that is going 
>slightly around it. And doing it at the wrong point.
>Web applications are request driven application and should not be twisted into 
>something unnatural. Use a regular cron job for this.
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