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From "Madere, Colin" <>
Subject RE: mod_jk build problems
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 23:04:29 GMT
That's it?  No one has any clue?  An answer to _any_ of the questions asked?

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Subject: Re: mod_jk build problems

Send it to the bug database.

Guidelines are here.


"Madere, Colin" <>
10/25/2002 05:11 PM
Please respond to "Tomcat Users List"

        To:     "''"
        Subject:        mod_jk build problems

1) There seems to be an error in the scope of the make for mod_jk where
expects to find 'libtool' in the common directory but it is in the
directory of the common directory.  (couldn't find a good place to
this problem except here)

2) Let me prefix my problem description with some specs:
Solaris 2.7 on x86 (but plan to deploy on SPARC under Solaris 2.7 and
gcc 3.2
J2SDK 1.4.1_01
Apache 2.0.43 (built from src)
Tomcat 4.1

The docs at
dont' quite seem to cover everything (you know what I mean).  I build
the "--enable-jni" since it is suggested for Apache 2.0 and I get a
"" but I don't get a "" as the documentation
Is it correct behavior that a "" NOT get built when using that
build option?  If so, would help if that was noted in docs.

Now assuming all is well, do I assume that the rest of the docs (in 
to installation) when referring to "" mean " or"?

When I try to go into the build directory under 'jk' named 'Apache-2.0'
(which the docs say where the resulting "" is to be built) and 
to do a 'make' I get an error "libtool: unrecognized option '-g' ".

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated including suggestions for 
other connectors if my setup suggests such a move.

Colin Madere

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