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From Anthony Milbourne <>
Subject RE: Documentation
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 13:28:12 GMT

-1 for shooting developers :-)

I can see your point John, but in the real world people are slack and miss
bits.  Also, as has been pointed out, writing technical notes for technical
people is a very different skill to writing a user manual for lay-people.  I
would rather have the best developers doing the development and the best
authors writing the docs.  Also a lot of minor patches and fixes are
submitted by people other than the core developers - often without updates
to the docs (if they are needed).

I think the doc project is a good idea.  I don't feel I know enough about
Tomcat to contribute source (I doubt they would take it :-), but I do feel I
have used Tomcat enough to comment on, and maybe even contribute, docs.

I am certainly willing to contribute to a project - although I suspect there
are people more qualified who have already volunteered.


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> > From: Glenn Nielsen []
> > Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 6:18 PM
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> > I would tend to agree with the above, those writing the code 
> > either don't
> > have the inclination or time to write up good documentation.
> In my mind, these developers should be shot.  Or at least confined to a
> tiny
> little box for an extended period of time.  Or maybe just put in charge of
> a
> large data center running their software, and their email and cell phones
> the only contact info on the 24/7/365 call list.  Not to rant, but any
> developer, open source or not, that writes code but fails to provide good
> or
> better documentation at the same time is a poor developer, regardless of
> their technical skill, and regardless of their commitment or uncompensated
> participation.  I'm no developer, but even I know that documentation is
> key...I probably spend 60% of my sys-admin time writing recipes and docs
> for
> other people to descibe what and how I did the things I did in the other
> 40%. 
> I think that the argument that the developers "don't have time" is a
> cop-out, especially under the Apache style of development and release
> schedules.  There's no pressure to meet release dates in that mode of
> development, so time is technically unlimited.  I would say it's more
> "don't
> have the inclination because documentation isn't as cool as code and my
> ego
> gets more of a boost from writing the latest whiz-bang feature or finding
> a
> bug in some other guy's code than it does writing a doc that explains how
> to
> perform an installation".  Which is a shame.
> Besides, isn't Java self-documenting? ;)
> > Have you looked at the latest docs for Tomcat 4.1?  Much 
> > better jk documentation,
> > existing docs updated, and even some new documents at:
> > 
> >
> > 
> I've been all through them, they're pretty much just a rehash of 4.0 docs
> with a new design template.  The new design is pretty, granted, but that's
> a
> far cry from where the docs should be.  The connector docs are a little
> better, but in my opinion they don't cover nearly the amount of
> information
> they should cover.  If they did, this list wouldn't get 100-150 messages
> every night.
> That said, I would gladly participate in any documentation project that is
> started.  I could contribute several hours ( 3 < time < 10 ) each week.

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