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From SigurĂ°ur Bjarnason <>
Subject AJP13 ..You must Read this !
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:54:36 GMT

Hi all

I been having a very strange problem with the ajp13 connector..

OK the senario is this.. I have apache configured with ajp13 and .. Everything is
working ok.. and I have Jboss + Tomcat that apache is talking to.. working
there also.. 

I am doing ab ( Apache Bench ) tests to this setup, I start the Jboss bundle and do a test...
I get some errors on the test telling me that about 60% of the requests fails !

Ok Then. I open tomcat4-service.xml and JUST write it to deploy it again ( I dont change anything
) ..  and do another AB test.. and guess what.. NO errors.. ??!?!?!

I have done this about 50 times to verify that I am not mistaken.. So do anyone have a CLUE
what could be going on with the connection.. 
These are my ajp13 settings on Jboss..

 <!-- A HTTP Connector on port 8080 -->
            <Connector className = "org.apache.catalina.connector.http.HttpConnector"
               port = "8080" minProcessors = "75" maxProcessors = "300" enableLookups = "true"
               acceptCount = "80" debug = "0" connectionTimeout = "60000"/>
<Connector className="org.apache.ajp.tomcat4.Ajp13Connector" port="8009"
         minProcessors="75" maxProcessors="300" enableLookups="true" acceptCount="80" debug="1"

Best Regards

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