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From Sigurður Bjarnason <>
Subject RE: Warp connections
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 13:21:40 GMT
It does.. a point Thanks
But.. :)  What i am trying to to let the connector.. just serve the *.jsp and servlets
from /myapp  if there where .jpg .gif .html and so on..  in there tomcat..would also serve
that..  And that what i dont want at all..
I am thinkin of the performance of the website,  so to manage this i would have to have the
static content.. at another place on the server this makes things more conplicated.. 

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	From: Andy Eastham [] 
	Sent: þri. 1.10.2002 12:52 
	To: Tomcat Users List 
	Subject: RE: Warp connections
	What this means is that if you map, for example, /myapp to Tomcat, Tomcat will serve all
content under /myapp.  You cannot get Apache to serve /myapp/my.jpg.
	Apache will still serve things that aren't under /myapp, so /index.html, /images/my.jpg etc
_will_ be served by Apache.
	Does this clarify the situation?
	All the best,

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		From: Sigurður Bjarnason []
		Sent: 01 October 2002 13:45
		To: Tomcat Users List
		Subject: RE: Warp connections
		Ok.. So what is the use of the connector then ?!?!?!?
		If not to let Tomcat serve the Jsp and Servlets.. witch it is supposed to do. ?!?
		This makes no sense at all to have this connector then.. ... If Tomcat ends up serving all
the content !  Then it would just be better to leave out Apache to save cpu and so on !..
		This has to be misunderstanding !.. From my point of view, if the connector cannot do this..
I just Get rid of Apache and let Tomcat do all the work.. witch is does.. anyway if I use

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			From: Jim Coble [] 
			Sent: lau. 28.9.2002 17:10 
			To: Tomcat Users List 
			Subject: Re: Warp connections 

			Someone with more experience may have a better answer but it is my
			understanding that mod_webapp does not permit you to distinguish between
			static and dynamic content.  When you use mod_webapp, Tomcat services all
			requests; i.e., you can't do what you want to do--serve html with Apache
			and jsp/servlets with Tomcat--using mod_webapp -- you would have to
			continue using mod_jk if that's what you want to do.
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			Hi all..
			I want to use the mod_webapp module for apache to connect it to tomcat.. I
			have one question about this
			The thing is.. i want apache to serve all static content.. like html and
			let tomcat handle the jsp and servlets.
			Now when i use the apj1.2 connector with i use line like
			JkMount /TESTSUITE/servlet/* ajp12
			JkMount /TESTSUITE/*.jsp ajp12
			when i use the mod_webapp.. i use lines like as follows
			 WebAppDeploy     examples    conn  /examples
			......that is here that i have a problem !  how can i exclude the jsp
			pages... with this. ?!
			i have tryed to use
			 WebAppDeploy     examples    conn  /examples/*.jsp
			But that have not worked for me.. so if someone out there have the answer..
			i would be greatful ! :)
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