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From Nicholas Orr <>
Subject RE: Servlet as Virtual Include in ASP file
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 05:43:26 GMT
What is the default.asp?page= actually doing? When I was doing ASP I would
do this only to include something out of a database.  You may find that what
default.asp is doing is not very complex and you could just replicate it in
your servlets.

I don't know, but you haven't really given enough information.
Need more information to help you.
Does the whole site currently run from default.asp? And it does what
suggested up top.

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From: Kurisu QT [] 
Sent: Wednesday, 23 October 2002 5:36 AM
Subject: Servlet as Virtual Include in ASP file

My company's website uses default.asp?page= to precede
the actual file being called.  Because my project uses
servlets and must be integrated into the site, I'm
going nuts trying to figure out if a servlet can be
called as an virtual include in an ASP file. Or can I
do the reverse-- call an ASP file as a virtual include
within a servlet.

My only other option is to break down the default.asp
page into htm pages and call them in the servlet, but
then i'm dealing with updates in 2 places, rather than

Any info would be appreciated.


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