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From Justin Ruthenbeck <>
Subject Re: Jasper and java source package problem
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 02:02:58 GMT

I've seen this as well and worked around it by compiling each directory 
(mail, messageboard, etc) with separate calls to jspc (and changing the 
target package name).  Would love it if I missed a built-in way to handle 
this, but I couldn't find it either.


At 06:34 PM 10/8/2002, you wrote:
>  Hi,
>Couldn't see this in the archives but I am sure someone has come across this
>When trying to pre-compile my pages using Jasper (tomcat 4.1.12) with Ant
>1.5.1 I have problems getting it to put in the proper package names for the
>source files it generates.
>i.e. my jsp pages are in the following directories:
>And I want Jasper to create packages for the file in the following manner:
>Is this possible? So far, Jasper creates the Java source directory
>structures in the correct manner but the package names in the source file is
>always com.mycompany.jsp
>I am using the following ant command (taken pretty much from the Jspc
><jasper2 verbose="0" package="com.mycompany.jsp" uriroot="${web.dir}"
>webXmlFragment="${build.dir}/webinc.xml" outputDir="${src.dir}"/>
>I also tried using ant's jspc command but it has the same problem, actually
>a lot more broken since it can't even output the web xml fragment.
>Thanks in advance,
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