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From David Scott <>
Subject Architectural question
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 05:42:17 GMT
We're running Apache 1.3 with Tomcat 3.2 in an application at work and 
have been seeing some strange behavior.  What we've got is this: one of 
our servlets, when requested, opens a real-time "feed" that sends a 
neverending stream of data to the client.  We basically hijack one of 
the Tomcat threads and never return from the service method.  While this 
does appear to work (the client gets its data), we're also finding that 
Apache does not always let the mod_jk connection go when the client 
closes its connection to Apache asynchronously, so that the feed goes on 
and on even when no one is listening.  Eventually there are serious 
resource issues.

My questions are these:

1. Is this expected behavior in mod_jk, that is, could it be that mod_jk 
is waiting for the servlet to exit its service method before letting go 
its connection to Tomcat, even though the client has long since closed 
its connection to Apache?

2. If it is expected behavior, is there a simple workaround?  (We do 
send a second request to close the feed, although we can't count on this 
happening in the case of network failure.)

3. Are we totally out of our minds to be architecting a system this way?



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