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From "John B. Moore" <>
Subject Re: java beans
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 23:43:09 GMT
My guess is that you are miss using the term "java beans" or not 
understand what that term typically means. Generally a java bean is a 
class with a number of specific properties (what those are depends on 
whether you are talking about a "GUI" java bean or a non-GUI java bean.) 
 Either way you do not "access" java beans from a server.  Instead a 
bean is used by either servlets, jsp, or taglib classes to supply 
business logic, data access. or other programatic functions in a generic 
"plug-in" fashion..

   Go to for some papers on JSP 
and JavaBeans that might help you understand their relationship better..


Esteban Gutierrez Abarzua wrote:

>hi friends!
>I have a java beans probleams.
>I need to know....... what can I  make to use java beans in tomcat
>I have tested any examples, but they are not working! (error 500) 
>I need to know the basic way to configure java beans in tomcat, if exist.
>thanks and i sorry for my bad english.
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