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From Kurt <>
Subject Re: Requests / responses crossing through different virtual hosts
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 17:15:02 GMT
Hi all,

   Finally this is solved!!!

   I was using mod_jk2 version 2.0.0 that comes with jakarta 
jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.1.12-src package. I compiled it without 
errors so that there is any reason for suspecting from building process 
(who knows).

   I've reproduced the error locally in my desktop machine... usually 
after 100 clicks I got a sequence of crossed requests... each time the 

   Finally I've found mod_jk2 version 2.0.1 for apache 2.0.43. I've 
installed it and after more than 800 clicks I can be pretty sure that 
mod_jk2 version 2.0.1 works fine...

   So that, use mod_jk2 version 2.0.1 better than 2.0.0

   Best regards,

Robert L Sowders wrote:

>I seem to remember something about this about three weeks ago.  Don't know 
>what came of it.  Here is some message traffic about it from tomcat-dev. 
>Kurt <>
>10/23/2002 03:09 AM
>Please respond to "Tomcat Users List"
>        To:
>        cc: 
>        Subject:        Requests / responses crossing through different virtual hosts
>Hello everybody,
>  I've configured Tomcat 4.1.12 LE + jk2 + apache 2.0.43 + JDK 1.4.1 in 
>a Red Hat 7.2 Linux box.
>  It was working ALMOST great!
>  I have several name virtual hosts(all domain names go to same IP) 
>defined in httpd.conf and Every virtual host points 
>to a different servlet (and each one is a different web application).
>  I've tested the configuration, working very nice. Yesterday I put it 
>in production server... too early! After several hours I discovered (and 
>also some users of the system) that randomly requests and responses were 
>being "crossed" at server.
>   For instance, the first hundreds (or even thousands) of request 
>received at the system were responsed in the expected way. Nice.
>   Then, for some seconds (or even 1 or 2 minutes) each request was 
>responsed with the page of another session and even another virtual 
>host, or maybe with the right one. It was possible to see the page of a 
>user that has been logged on a web application in another Apache virtual 
>host and tomcat webapp!!! Ugly. Of course, it was no possible to use any 
>link without the right session cookie.
>   And then, withouth doing nothing, server continued to work in the 
>expected way for the next hundreds or even thousands of requests. And, 
>at any moment, the request / response "crossing" happened again.
>   Very astonishing and annoying (we host some e-commerce web 
>   When  a request was crossed with a different response, images were 
>not visible (because every VirtualHost points to different 
>DocumentRoot). This seems to point to a bug in jk2 mapping logic or 
>maybe inside tomcat itself, but Apache seems to work right. Maybe a 
>misconfiguration problem... but a very unusual one!!! Hard to detect and 
>   Today I've returned to original config (Apache 1.3.26 + Tomcat 4.0.3 
>+ mod_webapp + JDK 1.3.1) that for a year has been working really fine.
>  Has anybody found a problem like this before? Any idea? By default I 
>will wait for new version of tomcat and try again.
>  Iapologize for my english, not-as-good-as-I-would-want... I hope this 
>message will be inteligible enough...
>  Thanks in advance!
>  Kurt.-

    Gran Via 655, 4ยบ
    08010  Barcelona
    +34 93 342 71 12

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