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Subject Apache-Tomcat HTTP Response Code : 500 for URL
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:45:51 GMT
Hi, Apache-Tomcat warriors!
I have one web-server (Apache2) ; one app-server (Tomcat4.0.4) ; and one
I am trying to get the browser to open an HTTP connection to Apache and
tunnel the request to Tomcat to get some data from the database server. 
Todate, it has been a frustrating experience, and I am getting this "500
for URL".
Searching the web, I find this cryptic description :
Internal Error 500: The server encountered an unexpected condition which
prevented it from fulfilling the request. 
The output in $CATALINA_HOME/logs/caco_access_log.2002-10-15.txt is also
very crytic  eg --[15/Oct/2002:18:36:57 10000] "POST
/com/RemoteLiteHelperServer HTTP/1.1" 500 3385
By the way, if I do not "tunnel" and use the straightforward
http://localhost/com/AllEmployees, it works well.
The "500 for URL" arises only when I embed the .HTML in the web page and
start the applet from the web page.
Fresh out of ideas for today... so please help :-(

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