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From Frédérik Bilhaut <>
Subject Some problems with Tomcat/Warp/Apache
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 13:25:06 GMT
Hi !

I'm experiencing some problems deploying a site with Apache 1.3.14 
connected to Tomcat 4.0.5 using Warp :

1) When my webapp is deployed as a .war file, some JSPs are recompiled 
at every request, resulting (of course ;) in very bad performances. This 
only happens with some JSPs (but always the same ones), and I really 
can't see what distinguishes them from other ones, that are correctly 
compiled once. I noted that the war file was extracted in the work 
directory as expected, and that generated servlet classes were correctly 
stored in the same place. When deploying the same webapp in a folder, 
everything works well (ie JSPs are compiled only once).

2) Much, much more annoying : I sometime receive (apparently randomly) 
the following error messages from the warp module :

WebApp : Error 500 (File: pr_warp.c Line 369)
Communitcation interrupted

I noticed that this tends to appear more often when tomcats has to 
compile the requested JSP, or opens a new session (sometimes, 
suppressing cookies for my webapp makes this error appear again). But 
this is not exclusive, since the problem may in fact appear anytime.

I'd really appreciate some help about these problems...

Thanks a lot !

PS : some more info about my configuration: I use JDK 1.4 ; Apache and 
Tomcat are running on two separate machines ; The Apache server runs 
wery well otherwise, and has been successfully serving several other 
sites (using PHP) for a while ; Each site is separated using virtual 
hosts, and   my Webapp is just one of them.

Best regards,
F. Bilhaut

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