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From Frank Mau <>
Subject Re: Identical static final variables
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 11:36:02 GMT
You have to recompile all java files (where the new constants are 
used!), not only the file including the constants.


Michael Turley wrote:

>I was trying to take a short cut debugging an
>application on Jetspeed by copying that applications
>files to an alternate renamed directory and changing
>some of the static final constants to reflect my
>impromptu test environment. 
>I compiled my new constants file and used the Tomcat
>manager application to install my application.
>Unfortunately, the new test application is using the
>same   static final definitions as the original
>application. I have tried recompiling the test file
>and reloading the test application but the problem
>Is there a possible namespace issue?
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