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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: AW: How to validate email address in JSP by using javax.mail?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:52:41 GMT
Hi Ralph, (and others)

Ralph Einfeldt wrote:
> But keep in mind that this isn't completly safe, as you 
> won't know if the address really exists or the administrator 
> (the fallback receiver) acted as the receiver.

If the administrator isn't the person who initiated the
transaction, he's going to ignore it and the email is
never sent.  (Assuming they have an IQ above ambient
room temperature, and if not, then they are obviously
happy to take responsibility for the words)

> So this depends on what you really want to achieve and
> what requirements you have.

Indeed.  That's why there is the "long answer" in my original
email.  However, it appears the original poster wanted a way
to validate people sending content.  Some of this content was,
let us say, indelicate, and they wanted be reasonably sure
that the content was from the owner of the email address.

Under those circumstances it will work just fine.  In fact,
I'm not sure of any circumstances where it will not work,
unless the person who gets the email just goes ahead and
follows the instructions without thinking.  You can't
do much about that.

	-- jon

Jon Eaves <>

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