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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: How to validate email address in JSP by using javax.mail?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:21:55 GMT
This isn't really a Tomcat question, but more of a general
protocol question.

The long answer is that you should look at mailing list
software and see how they do it using acknowledgements.
A good example of this is ezmlm which uses qmail as
it's transport.

Of course, you'll have to hold onto the message they
wanted to send until they are validated.  Also, have a
look at places like slashdot ( to see
how they deal with the anonymous user problem.

The short answer is, send an email to that address with
a magic number in it.  Tell the user to go somewhere and
use the magic number which will validate them.

Exactly how is left as an exercise to the reader.  There
really is a very large body of established code on this,
so searching Google is probably a good start.

	-- jon

Kunal Shah wrote:
> suppose there is an domain accepting mails for its
> user
> say there are a, b and c users and administrator which will
> recieve mails for unresolve members
> i am sending one mail at dummy is not valid
> mailbox still the mesg will be delivered to administrator of
> so there will be not send fail exception.
> what should be done in this case ?
> --kunal
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