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From Jean-Francois Arcand <>
Subject Re: Bug in Problem using jpda
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 20:31:42 GMT
I'm using Netbean 3.4 on Linux and I don' have any problems. On thing 
I'm doing in order debug from the Boostrap class is by adding the 
following code:

        }catch(java.lang.Exception ex){

This give the time to (in my case Netbean) to properly connect to the jpda.

-- Jeanfrancois

William Lee wrote:

> I have been using jswat for debugging Tomcat for a while.  However, 
> since I use the catalina's jpda start it doesn't work anymore.  It 
> seems like in the java command arguments that script 
> constructed are missing a -Xnoagent flag.  It's causing the jswat to 
> skip all the breakpoint that I've set I think.
> Also, it seems like the script is explicitly checking 
> jdb and javac in your JAVA_HOME/bin directory before allowing you to 
> pass.  That means you can't really use that script with any JRE for 
> the binaries are not included...  I know jsp would not work with the 
> JRE but I can use the JRE with just plan servlet with no problem and 
> having that check there is somewhat redundent.
> BTW, I'm currently using IBM JDK 1.3 and Tomcat 4.1.12 on Linux.

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