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From peter lin <>
Subject tomcat 4.1.12 with jdk1.4.1 on solaris
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 12:14:30 GMT

For those are thinking about switching from jdk 1.3.1 or jdk 1.4.0 to
the latest, so far my benchmarks have shown jdk1.4.1 to be better. This
is by no means conclusive proof, but the improvements to new String(),
garbage collection and nio show measurable improvement.

One particular thing I see is the garbage collection processes are more
consistent and result in lower memory consumption. The same exact webapp
with jdk 1.4.0 show 20ms difference. The variance of the response also
appears to considerably lower. With jdk 1.4.0, the deviation in Jmeter
is approximately 1/3 the average. whereas with jdk 1.4.1 it is 1/4 of
the average.

though others might find it interesting.


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