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From David Warnock <>
Subject IIS 5, Mod_jk 2, Tomcat 4.1.12 combination problem with delivery
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 17:25:20 GMT

We have an application that works perfectly when connecting to Tomcat 
directly on port 8080. When we connect using IIS and Coyote JK 2 we have 
problems with multiple users.

The problems occur most obviously with some complex frame based pages, 
but have also occurred with the basic application login page.

The symtoms are that the page will download as source, or will display 
the stylesheet as source or will load some frames and not others, or 
will load the page but not the images, or will load into the wrong frames.

If other users connect directly to the same tomcat at the same time it 
all works perfectly for them.

I have bumped up all the values in  the connector section in the 
server.xml by an order of magnitude but it has not made any difference.

I have not yet got to start up tomcat as an internal 
process but am "manually" starting tomcat at the moment.

I have not changed the default (all commented out)

What should I do next? Any hints about whether this is a common problem 
or not?


David Warnock, Sundayta Ltd.
iDocSys for Document Management. VisibleResults for Fundraising.
Development and Hosting of Web Applications and Sites.

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