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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: Documentation
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 22:11:58 GMT
Hiya Gustavo (and others)

I'm going to disagree.  The Tomcat docs for the most part are very good.
I was able to read them and setup Tomcat to do all the "normal" things.
I can create different contexts, map servlets, create database pools,
custom error pages etc.  The 4.1.x documentation is updated from the 3.x
and 4.0.x documentation and I can't remember it being broken in any
real way due to bitrot.  Some of the newer features are a little terse,
but you have to expect that, then again, there aren't that many "How do
I configure and create Filters" type questions.

I haven't tried to use mod_jk yet, but there seems to be a lot of questions
about that, but I suspect it's because people haven't read that
documentation to start with.

Frankly, my rule of mailing lists are that people would rather ask a
question because they are too lazy to find the answer themselves.  Most
of the questions that are asked do exist in the Tomcat documentation, and
those that aren't there have generally been answered very clearly by
list members.  The list is searchable, and Google ( is
_always_ your friend.

This list is certainly one of the most friendly and helpful that I've been
on.  Sadly that tends to be to it's detriment as people abuse that help.

There are definitely areas of the documentation that need work, and
potentially others that need cleaning up, but in general they are pretty
damn good.

	-- jon

Gustavo Vegas wrote:
> I agree with Jeff. The Tomcat documentation reminds me of the old times 
> when I had to compile TeX. A lot of the information for things I have 
> needed to configure in my installation have come from the docs from 
> version 3.3, although I am using 4.0.5. This also makes me worry that 
> some of the things I am using may be deprecated.
> Cheers,
> -- Gustavo Vegas.
> Jeff Wishnie wrote:
>> A pretty high percentage seem to be becuase the docs really are lousy.
>> Wouldn't it be nice to answer 'RTFM' to most of them?
>> When my time frees up on this project I plan on submitting several 
>> documentation changes.
>> - Jeff

Jon Eaves <>

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