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From Steve Parkinson <>
Subject Notification when HTTP client aborted connection?
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 20:24:54 GMT
We have some servlets which may potentially create
long-lived database searches, data mining, etc. If the
user is willing to wait for the servlet to complete,
everything is good, but if they press 'stop', visit
another page, or otherwise close the connection to the
webserver, we want to get notified. This way, we can
abort the database connection, so the database isn't
being used to run unnecessary searches.

First, is there a facility in the API for a servlet to
set up a listener, so the servlets gets notified when
the servlet container has lost the connection? 

Secondly, is anyone aware of any webserver
implementation which triggers the notification?

It seems that this would be an obvious kind of
feature, but doesn't seme to be implemented. I also
asked on the Sun Java Servlet forum, but no one seems
to have any idea.


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