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Subject Mapping URL's to files with Tomcat 4.0?
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 15:05:00 GMT

Until now we used Resin for development environment and took advantage of
a very nice configuration feature.

It is possible to configure Resin as follows:

<web-app id='/application' app-dir='..../application-root-dir'>
  <path-mapping url-pattern='some/url/*' real-path='.../some/path' />
  ... (more path-mapping tags here)

The idea is that I can tell Resin that access to
would be handled as usual (i.e. part of the application, and the JSP file is
in the application's context) but that the JSP file itself will be found in
completly different folder.

This is required for us to share JSP files among multiple applications in
development environment, without having to actually copy them separatly as
is done
during deployment.

Is such a thing achievable under Tomcat 4.0?

The requirement has arised since we are trying to evaluate IntelliJ's IDEA
3.0 and
it supports Tomcat 4.0 the best for web application debugging.



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