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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Installation cook-book or HOW-TO
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 20:19:50 GMT
I find that installing software from a gzip'ed tarball
is easier than using an RPM.  One of the issues that I
have with an RPM is that it can do other 'things' like
creating special users, setting directory permissions,
etc. that are not immediately obvious.

As Larry noted, the process should be simple:

1. install the jdk and set JAVA_HOME to where it's

2. install Tomcat
   a) gunzip jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12-LE-jdk14.tar.gz
   b) tar xvf jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12-LE-jdk14.tar
   c) optionally rename directory to something 
   d) optionally change ownership to a 'tomcat' user

3. set CATALINA_HOME to where it's installed

4. cd to $CATALINA_HOME/bin and execute:
   catalina start

You should then be able to open up a browser and look

where <machine-name> is the host name of your Tomcat

As an aside, some other packages that you might wish
to add on (Cocoon, for example) make use of
TOMCAT_HOME.  Just set TOMCAT_HOME to the same
location as CATALINA_HOME.


just my two cents . . . .

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