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Subject servlet name case switching
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 12:35:38 GMT
    we are seeing a problem where after running for 
some time the servlet name gets it case changed on 
requests. For example we have the following in our 
web.xml file:


    Then the user hits 
http://servername/mycontext/servlet/MyFoo and all is 
    It will run fine for a while and then at some point 
we will get back 404 errors. From looking in the 
stderr.log file I can see that the actual servlet name 
it is trying to access is different in case. For 
exmaple I have messages to the likes of:

    servlet myfoo not found
    servlet MyFOO not found

but the url that is entered most definitely has the 
right case. If I restart Tomcat it will be fine again 
for a while. It might be okay for 10 minutes, or 10 
days, or 10 weeks but it will eventually give this same 
type of error again. 
    This has happened for different servlets and with 
different changes in case.
    I am running Tomcat 3.3a and using a connector to 
IIS. Restarting IIS has no affect on the problem so I 
believe it has to be a problem with Tomcat itself.
    Has anyone else seen this? Has anyone found or have 
an idea for a solution.

    Andy Frese

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