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From Jan Luehe <Jan.Lu...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Jasper complains when parsing valid TLD (was: Can't deploy Custom Tag Library ... )
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 17:00:33 GMT

> So, on 4.1.* with logging cranked way up, I've been seeing errors that 
> Jasper encountered a TEI class when the tld already has a variable? Very 
> wierd error. Here's an example of a tag in my taglib, if anyone sees 
> anything wrong with this please let me know, it is still valid against 
> the dtd. (again this was a tld generated by Forte4J).

I believe the warning you are getting is based on JSP 1.2, JSP.C
("DTD for TagLibrary Descriptor, JSP 1.2"), p.231:

  It is a (translation time) error for an action that
  has one or more variable subelements to have a TagExtraInfo
  class that returns a non-null object.

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