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From Brian Cuttler <>
Subject new install help, Solaris, Apache, Lucene, Tomcat
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 14:44:42 GMT

Hello, I am Brian Cuttler and I'm new to the list.

I have a Solaris 8 system with 
         Apache HTTP server 1.3
         Lucene 1.2
         Tomcat 4.1.10

I have the Apache server running with 3 virtual server.

I have been able to get Lucene to create an index of
one of the servers (the intranet server, don't really
need to index the preview sites for the extranet server)
from the OS command line "#".

Have been able to search the Lucene index from the OS command line.

What I'm really asking for now is how to implement a WEB page
for searching the index. I am under the believe that Tomcat is
required for this.

Currently I don't need any other features, just the ability
to perform the (lucene) java search from a web page.

I'm able to pull up via the webserver the (lucene) provided
Search.html, it seems to be able to find the (lucene) provided
Search.jhtml but I'm seeing errors at that point.

I suspect I've mis-set or failed to set something in the environment
but I haven't yet solved the problem.

I see the Search.jhtml displayed starting with the following...

While parsing `queryString`: `e.getMessage()` return; } String servletPath = request.getRequestURI();
getServletPath should work int j = servletPath.indexOf('?'); // here but doesn't, so we if
(j != -1) //
remove query by hand... servletPath = servletPath.substring(0, j); 

I am happy to provide additional errors and config information but
didn't wish to clutter the initial email.

Any help would be apreciated.

						thank in advance,


   Brian R Cuttler       
   Computer Systems Support        (v) 518 486-1697
   Wadsworth Center                (f) 518 473-6384
   NYS Department of Health        Help Desk 518 473-0773

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