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From Luminous Heart <>
Subject RE: tomcat 4.1.12 with apache2.0.42 and mod_jk
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 14:49:30 GMT
As a matter of fact I have been building apache since
the dawn of it ;) Also I have been building/using
tomcat since it was a jserv module, in corporate
environments too. So the whole process is in my hands.
Now that I wanted to experiment with Tomcat 4.1, I am
seeing this behavior. I was discouraged, a couple of
months ago, from using 4.1.x because it was in
pre-alpha then unstable beta. Now that it is released
I thought things should be better.

I have a cluster of 4.0.4 running, with apache 2.0.39,
pretty good on my system.

Thank you for the teasing, but I will appreciate it if
you have a helping tip too ;)


--- Henri Gomez <> wrote:
>  >When you use an RPM, you're letting someone else
> decide where to put 
>  >things on your machine, and how to configure your
> machine. You are 
>  >trusting someone else to "do the right thing"
> every time.  Some people 
>  >find that annoying and risky, and prefer to make
> their own decisions. >;)
> I understand that point and rpm packagers does their
> best to avoid any
> complication, for example my rpms for Apache 2.0,
> allow a coexistance
> with Apache 1.3 installed (diff conf dir, www dirs,
> lib dir..., listen 
> ports).
> rpm is great when you are a newbie or when you have
> to duplicate a
> configuration on farms of machines and want so have
> a reproductible
> process.
> And when an user goes with a customly built package
> like Apache 2.0.42,
> he should be prepared to also have to build himself
> the others packages,
> like jk ;-)
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