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From Nick Sharples <>
Subject Re: Concurrency Problems
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 15:03:04 GMT

Tomcat Forum writes:
 >      Iam having some problems with simutaneous users on the Tomcat 4.0 
 > server. I have made a java client for testing Tomcat with multiple users. 
 > This client makes multiple threads with each requesting login and then some 
 > page from the tomcat server. But if I send more than 25 threads I start 
 > getting exceptions from the server like 
 > Connection refused: connect.
 >      Can somebody please tell me what is the maximum number of simultaneous 
 > users Tomcat can support and is there any way to configure this?
 > I'll appericiate ur help.
 > Mandeep

>From memory it's 20 but	I could be wrong, you set the maxProcessor
threads of the connector configuration in server.xml. 


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