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From "Mr. Tomcat" <>
Subject Tag object pooling and immutability in the servlet spec
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 03:37:36 GMT
Is there a way to turn off tag object pooling?  Object pooling was a
cool performance technique in earlier versions of Java, but now object
creation is very fast, so it no longer serves a performance function,
and it introduces extra complexity into tag object design.  Is this
misfeature going to be phased out?

Also, on the immutable object topic, it seems that it would be better to
have all the initialization of servlets and filters done in the
constructor, not by calling an init function.  If everything could be
set in the constructor, then all instance fields could be private final,
meaning that the servlet or filter object could be immutable, and
therefore known to be threadsafe, which is an issue with servlets.  Any
chance of these changes happening in future releases of the servlet


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