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From "Warner Onstine" <>
Subject javadocs - please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 19:32:54 GMT
I have now waited for over a week to see the javadocs back on the web-site
or in the 4.1.12 build. Could someone please just build the docs and put
them on the site?

And don't tell me to build them myself. I can't put them on the site,
someone who is in charge of the site needs to do this. I'm not the only one
asking for this (and I also thinks it's ridiculous that there is a broken
link on the site, we're developers haven't we heard of QA?).

If you guys were using something like Maven this wouldn't be an issue - it
automatically includes the javadoc as part of the documentation (and it
makes it a heck of a lot easier to build large projects, one reason I won't
ever check tomcat out again until it's build process is easier).


+warner onstine+

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