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From "Randy Secrist" <>
Subject mx4j - JMX - Realm - Help
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 22:03:38 GMT
I have written a modified version of a UserDatabase realm and have been able
to get it to work without JMX support under TC 4.1.12.  Anything that
doesn't use JMX can still authenticate like it would under pre 4.1.x

Next, I would like to get customizations to work with the 4.1.x codebase.  I
have created various MBean classes, and modified the mbeans-descriptors.xml
and added by own references there.  I have basically followed Craig's
implementation of a MemoryRealm as a guide for what I am doing.

The three key parts of my server.xml are:

For my Realm, I am using a UserDatabaseRealm.
For my global naming resource, I am using org.apache.catalina.UserDatabase,
declaring my own factory class and parameters.
My resourceName in both the instances above are MyUserDatabase instead of
the default "UserDatabase"

Everything I have done so far is in my own .jar file sitting in server/lib.

The problem (Symptoms):

When I load the admin application with JMX enabled, I can actually log into
the admin application, and play with anything but the users node in the
When I play with the users, I get an illegal state exception in the
mainFrame, and in my localhost_admin.log - I get the following truncated
exception: MBeanServer cannot find MBean
with ObjectName Users:type=UserDatabase,database=UserDatabase
 at mx4j.server.MBeanServerImpl.findMBeanMetaData(
 at mx4j.server.MBeanServerImpl.getAttribute(
 at org.apache.webapp.admin.users.UserUtils.getUsersForm(

Since this originates in mx4j - the implementation of JMX that Tomcat uses,
I can't even begin to think what would cause this error.  I've fended off
all the missing MBean exceptions - and am now stuck with this.  I hope I've
provided enough information...


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