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From "Dan Lipofsky" <>
Subject Re: log4j & tomcat
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 18:36:30 GMT
This solution involves writing more code and
puts the burden on log4j.  I would prefer the
solution of simply telling tomcat not to use log4j
for its internal logging.  Is this possible?  Since
tomcat is capable of using different loggers and
has some mechanism to choose which one it uses,
how much harder would it be to give the user a bit
of control on that.  I would think it would already exist.
- Dan

> You are going to have to Buy Ceki Gülcü's book and look at the section
> about Repository Selectors.  Since log4j's configuration is static,
> the first app that configures log4j will have configured it for all
> contexts which is almost certainly not what you want.  You want your
> config file to be specific for your app.  That is where Repository
> Selectors come in.  I haven't read much about them, so I can't go into
> detail, but Ceki's book should answer just about any question you may
> have on Log4j.
> Actually, I spoke too quickly.  Look at this excerp from the book....
> See about the book here:

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