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From "Thomas Heller" <>
Subject jspc pre-compiled pages distributed with .war file?
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 14:24:24 GMT
hi there,

i am migrating my projects from php to java and began to set up a
development server that ideally does all the dev work once a project is
marked release i just call an ant task to deploy the project to one or more
(load balanced) production servers.

i have written an ant build.xml to compile my webapp and to put everything i
need into "mywebapp.war". thats working very fine and i can just deploy that
.war to a tomcat server without any problems.

now, i have setup another ant task to precompile every jsp file using jasper
(ant task "jspc"). thats working perfectly fine and i have loads of, etc files. now i compile those to .class files and i would
like to distribute them inside the .war file so that the tomcat server
itself doesnt need to compile anything by himself. _Ideally_ i'd like to
exclude _any_ .jsp file in the .war file and just include the compiled
jsp.class files.

but i wonder ... tomcat somehow doesnt really know what i'm sending him and
he doesnt recognize any of the precompiled pages. how do i tell tomcat to
use the precompiled pages in the .war instead of compiling them himself?

i know i can write this it into my web.xml



but somehow i dont like it this way, but i would rather use this instead of
putting jsp files into the .war file. would be cool if tomcat would do
something like this by himself when he finds *_jsp.class in a
/WEB-INF/precompiled directory.

Anyways maybe tomcat has some support for what i'm trying to find and i just
can't find it? Comments welcome


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