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From Sohaila Roberts <>
Subject tomcat config questions
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 15:01:41 GMT

Hi, my questions are regarding configuring tomcat 3.3.1 securely.

If i'm only using Http10Connector for connection can i safely
comment out other connection attribute things, like Ajp12Connector, with
out having things break?

We unfortunatly will be running tomcat with apache 1.3.14, due to other
applications on the server which require it. Are there any known problems
that might exisit?
Also how do the files in tomcat_home/conf/users affect things? Right now i
have done nothing in there and tomcat runs fine.

And last but not least if there are any sites (excluding the jakarta
documentation) with documentation on configuring tomcat for people with
little knowledge on configuring things would be greatly appreciated!

Basically I have tomcat up and running but I've done no additional
configuration to make it secure.



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