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From "Luca Ventura" <>
Subject Servlet's contexts and other Tomcat's topics.
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 17:16:49 GMT
Hello everybody!

I have Tomcat 4.x as Web Server and I would like to to the following two
things but I don't know how to do:

1) I need to share the same Servlet Context "MyContext" between
all the servlets and jsp-pages of my web application.

2) I would like that my web server does something when an event happens
in the servlet context "MyContext".

3) I would like to show to the user an html page of mine when a Tomcat's
happens (for example: "Page not found"). The problem is that I don't know
how to set Tomcat to do this.

I explain better the meaning of first two points:

The thing I would like to do is the following one: every time a user
connects to my servlet (or jsp-page) called "MyServlet" I create
a session (an HttpSession object). After creating it I put this session
in the MyServlet's Context (let's call it "MyContext"): in this
way I can count (using a counter "MyCounter" that I also insert in
"MyContext" together
with the user's session) the users connected to my web application.
All the servlets and jsp pages of my web application should share the

When I user disconnects from my web application I decrease "MyCounter" and
when "MyCounter" reaches the value 0 the web server Tomcat should execute
a java class (let's suppose it is called "MyClass") that does something (now
it is not important
to explain what it does). Instead when a user disconnects from my web
but the counter "MyCounter" doesn't reach the value 0 the Web Server Apache
should execute
another Java class (let's suppose it is called "MySecondClass").

All the other servlets and jsp-pages of my web application
can use the counter "MyCounter" to do some other checks: this is the reason
why I must
share the context "MyContext".

How can I set my Web Server Tomcat 4.x to do all this? What Java Servlet API
must I use?

Thank you very much everybody in advance (above all for the patience!).

Best regards,


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