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From "Adam Greene" <>
Subject Trying to find a jk2 or equiv for Apache 1.3.* on Win32
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 16:41:33 GMT
I do not have a C/C++ Compiler and would like help locating a compiled
version of the DLL and possibly any help setting up the scenario following
(I tried reading the help, but I'm still not sure).

What I have is :

Apache 4.1.12
Apache HTTP 1.3.26
JDK 1.4.0

Running on

Windows 2000 SP 3

What I want to do:

Our hosting partner is running Apache 1.3.26 and all our development has
been done on Tomcat, and they don't want to setup a seperate box for Tomcat.
So we need to integrate into HTTP such that any request starting with
"" is delegated to Tomcat because we will have things like
"", "" and location1
and location2 are actually servlets (they are Tapestry based).  Most of the
other sites on the box are PHP based, so we don't want to distrub them.

Any help rendered is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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