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Subject upgrading to 4.1!
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 15:58:35 GMT
hey everyone, 
   I'm been using tomcat 4.0.3 and apache 1.3 connecting with mod_webapp,
and it's been working spiffy, except for one problem. every now and again,
it will only serve half a jsp page. it will send data, and then just stop
before it serves the whole page. the logs show nothing out of the ordinary
(no errors). has anyone else had this problem? 

anyways, I am wishfully thinking that upgrading to tomcat 4.1 will somehow
magically fix all my problems, but I'm having some troubles. even though I
am waiting for tomcat to start, and then restarting apache, etc, I am still
getting the infamous "Web application not yet deployed", even though apache
claims to have deployed it. here's what apache says at startup:

[Thu Sep 12 11:59:56 2002] 17703 (pr_warp.c:62) WARP provider initialized
[Thu Sep 12 11:59:56 2002] 17703 (wa_main.c:101) WebApp Library initialized
[Thu Sep 12 11:59:56 2002] 17703 (wa_config.c:167) Created connection
ction" (Prov: "warp" Param: "web1:8008")
[Thu Sep 12 11:59:56 2002] 17703 (wa_config.c:126) Created virtual host
[Thu Sep 12 11:59:56 2002] 17703 (wa_config.c:100) Created application
" in path "/examples/"
[Thu Sep 12 11:59:56 2002] 17703 (wa_main.c:187) Application examples
or (Conn: warpConnection)

here's the relavant bits from my httpd.conf file:

LoadModule webapp_module libexec/
WebAppConnection warpConnection warp myserver:8008
WebAppDeploy examples warpConnection /examples
WebAppDeploy contest warpConnection /contest

does anyone have *any* ideas? I'm sort of reaching the end of my rope on
this, and am not sure what to do! thanks in advance for your help!


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